Workflow Action Failed to Trigger Flow

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Apparently all of you have encountered this error and if you haven`t encountered then it will happen soon ☺

The message does not contain much information, and it is difficult to understand which process was failed. You can try to configure debug logging, and thus find out which of the processes was failed and for what reason. But sometimes it happens that only the text of the error is known and it is not possible to reproduce the problem itself.

In this case, you can try to find the name of the process using the Tooling API. To do this you need to open the developer console, go to the “Query Editor” and type the following query with the tooling API selected:

SELECT ID, MasterLabel, FullName, Description FROM Flow WHERE Id = 'PUT_HERE_VERSION_ID'

As a result, only one row should appear in the Query Results pane. It will contain all information about the process that was failed.

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