UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION, INVALID_TYPE: sObject type 'SalesforceIqDataSource' is not supported.

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Why is it failing now? We do not change code for the long period
It starts failed after activation the "Einstein Activity Capture" feature.

What functional is affected by this issue?
It affects only the send email functionality for the site guest user. So, if you have force.com site and it calls apex code to send an email, then the logic will fail. Please note that workflow email alerts work successfully, affected only apex part.

Are there any workarounds?
You can deactivate the "Einstein Activity Capture" feature but if it is not a solution, then log a Salesforce case. Please note that support can help you only if you have Premier Customer Support. In this case, please ask them to whitelist the SalesforceIqDataSource object. Whitelisting for the guest user is performed by the Developer Team, and this is available only to Premier Customer.

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